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Vered Alon Nol NNíę

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae 

1977 – 1981 - Graduated  "Avni Institute of art & Design" – Tel Aviv.
1988-90 studied Etching , Printing and Engraving, at the artists center - Elcharizi – Tel Aviv  
Studies History, Philosophy, Psychology and Art history In Tel Aviv University
1987-1989  Studies "Graphic and design"-- "Tafnit".
1996 - Design Studies of gold and silver jewelry
1996 - Studies evaluating art objects - "Shorashim" – Tel Aviv.
Since 1981 Teaching Painting, Drawing and Sketching in various places : The popular University – Rishon Lezion, Witzo- Rehovot,Nahamat-Rehovot, Matnas Ramat Eliyahu,"Center Of Visual Arts"-Rehovot.
Since 1994 teaches in the popular university– Rishon Lezion, drawing, painting, history of art, the provision of exhibitions and preparation art portfolios for study art in the various institutions.
Since 2001 teaching at the "Center Of Visual Arts" - Rehovot.
Since 1995 for three years I have conducted my own Gallery.
Since 1981 participates and presents solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Appears  in catalogs, in Israel and round the world.
Designer and Illustrator of  books.
Member of  exhibitions committee - "Artists Association of Painters & Sculptors"- Rechovot.
Curator for Artists and for Rehovot  Artists  Association
A member of  the Israeli Association of Painters & Sculptors in Israel.
A member of  Rehovot  Artists Association. 

A member of the International Miniatures Association, Israel.
A member of illustrators Artists' Association